Electron Dance will feature something about each of these seven games in the near future.   

Suzy and freedom | Calunio is back


Fjords | oww


Luxuria Superbia | finger food


The Swapper | the cold heart of space


Full Bore | no sir I do not like the name of this game


Ossuary | a place of bones, for real


The Citadel | twenty years later


Please stand by.

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10 thoughts on “Warm Up / 301113

  1. 1) I watched and helped Eric play probably the last 20 minutes of Suzy and Freedom. He and I have similar opinions of it, I believe.

    2) I rather want to play Fjords and Ossuary; the former is the kind I’m impossibly bad at and the latter all I know has Discordian elements so I am so in. We need a bit of Discordianism in the scene.

    3) I loved both The Swapper and Full Bore until both go to a point where I was stuck on a puzzle and haven’t gotten back to try and solve again. I think both are the kind of games that I hack away at every few weeks and spend a year beating.

    4) I know nothing about Luxuria Superbia but from context I’ve heard on twitter it’s some kind of shiny score attack game right? I hate those.

    5) Citadel looks snazzy. I will check that one out.

  2. Ooo, I own Full Bore after the Not On Steam sale (picked up quite a few interesting looking titles from that), and remember seeing Fjords somewhere and thinking that might be something Joel would check out. Looking forward to your The Swapper write-up, xtal and I started a chat about it sometime ago but it went off the burner and is stuck in draft limbo now.

  3. Richard,

    Yeah, Eric told me about #1. I don’t know if you’ll be impossibly bad at Fjords because I’m not sure it’s what you think it is; the “ow” refers to my brain. The getting-stuck-on-a-puzzle is a particular point I want to pick up on regarding The Swapper. On Luxuria Superbia, I’m not sure if I could call it a shiny score attack game… I guess it is, but somehow that’s not really fitting.

    Four out of seven of the games mentioned above are not completed yet!


    Yeah, we’ve already had a bit of banter over Steam chat about The Swapper. The remainder of 2013 is already mapped out so this piece will be in the New Year. Not spoiling my writing on these but I will admit I’m quite liking Full Bore and Fjords.

  4. I’ve since read that Supurbia was made by Tale of Tales; that little tidbit is the kind that makes me even less interested in it.

    Fjords involves like hacking type stuff, and glitch, and Thinking Outside The System, right? I’m fairly bad at those kinda things, actually! I’ll wait till it gets on sale and it looks interesting but it also looks like the kind of game I’ll actually never manage to finish, alas! Plus I saw some of the Usual Suspects talking about how wonderful it is that here’s a game which breaks all the rules, and when I see a review like that, it’s usually code for “I like it because it’s shitty.” I’ll be interested in seeing your take because I like when these kinda games are covered by real people.

    I mean I’ve been into those Frogwares Sherlock Holmes adventures lately. That has been my speed 🙂

  5. Hmm, the implication that something “breaks all the rules” is kinda suspect because there are so so so many grunge-end games that break the rules now. There’s so much rule-breaking down here, I don’t know what the rules are supposed to be unless they’ve got some spiritual connection with AAA (e.g. Gone Home). I don’t feel Fjords is special in that respect and what it does reminds me of a certain other game which I almost mentioned in the list above – but I didn’t want to commit to finishing it too.

    Superbia is different to the Tale of Tales’ previous works – if that’s what you’re drawing on – but it has given me the excuse to take on a particular topic. I want to avoid being a “reviewer” as you know.

  6. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Full Bore – I’ve been enjoying it a lot, old-school puzzly gameplay with some modern touches and lots of optional lore to discover that makes more sense of the world. I’m at a little over 90% but with a lot of ‘mysteries’ still mysterious.

  7. Shaun, the first is tomorrow. It is our Counterweight on Suzy and freedom. Notes to follow on Thursday!

    Phlebas, I haven’t completed Full Bore yet but I really enjoy what I’ve seen. It is just so charming.

  8. 100% now! Clearing up the last few mysteries turned out not to take as long as I expected (though that is partly because the mysteries turned out to be a bit less interesting than I expected). A rather lovely game with lots of nice touches – I especially like the hesitancy to walk off the edge of a platform.

  9. Full Bore is on hold at the moment but I look forward to getting back to it soon. Just before I signed off last time, there was one level I was sure I just couldn’t beat. Perhaps there was a powerup I needed or switch in another chamber? But no, the answer was right in front of me. Right on the screen. I just couldn’t see it for toffee.

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