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9 thoughts on “Coming in 2014

  1. I had video work that I wasn’t going to use so, rather than throw them in the bin, I decided it might be time to post a preview trailer. This is a preview for the series I keep talking about. It has a name, but the name will not be disclosed until the launch ARG is complete.

    I also called it – I’ve been in denial that the series would be done by Christmas. There’s just not that much spare time after normal Electron Dance time each week. And I keep spending it on the video =)

  2. If you’re referring to the video, that’s good. If you’re referring to the comment… yeah, actually that comment is a bit fruitcake in structure.

    (As my videos don’t get much play anyway, I’m dialing up the batshit and the resulting video will, at the very least, be unique. I don’t expect anyone to understand all of its intended meaning initially.)

  3. Well, 2014 on electrondance seems cataclysmical in nature. Or revolutionary. Or both. Also – Sonic.

    Hm, maybe it doesn’t make much sense when I think about it. 😛

  4. You are playing games, your favorite game that are Sonic, but more important things come to your attention like a riot, demanding to now enter in real life and make real decisions. Or you are remembering when life was simpler playing sonic, and remembering just the phase that was in a city in the night that never sleeps, representing your city and the desire to be like sonic, faster and stronger to get trough the city unharmed. When someone close to you die while the world is in chaos, and you decide to investigate. Or you are a detective who loves games, and having some of the back alternatives, have to make a side, because the people are going crazy in the streets and you are a arm of the law and order but also a citizen and a human with believes and sense of right. While you are actually playing a game yourself. Or in a indirect message you are thinking about including some real life themes like the riots that are happening around the world, meaning a revolution in the site. I know that was none of these but I have fun imagining.

  5. Ava, yes I’ve given you nowhere near enough information to figure this out. =) It’s a thematically appropriate teaser. I’m just sorry that you all have to wait until 2014.

    Pedro, yes it is sad none of these are correct. Wait – you mentioned a detective, right? Hmm.

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