Electron Dance will feature something about each of these games in the near future.

Miasmata | the beast


Myriad | whoa


Boson X | gonna be embarrassing


Papers Please | cause no trouble


Gone Home | has the dust settled yet


Metro 2033 | absolutely no idea what I will write about this


Please stand by.

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10 thoughts on “Warm Up / 130913

  1. Is Boson X’s site down? I had the webpage open (after a link from your Twine post) and on one of my periodic browser reboots it refused to load, and still won’t.

    What I’m saying is, someone may need to help a brother out with a file.

  2. Shaun you know I like to be coy sometimes. I am nothing but a tease. But I have said so many lovely things about Miasmata on Twitter so that one is not a secret.

    Matt the site seems to be working for me right now. Try again?

    Anon, thank you!

    I will reveal next week is likely to be Papers Please.

  3. I think after I’ve played through The Last of Us, Miasmata might be a nice opposite. That looks like a great selection to me though HM; Papers Please looks really interesting in a Cart Life sort of way and, damn, I really need to play Metro 2033. And Gone Home. Bwaaah.

  4. Because it’s CLEARLY the best use of my time, I started Dark Souls again. DLC, y’know. Apparently my Steam library doesn’t consist of 230 games.

    I am a sad excuse for a human being.

    Looking forward to these upcoming articles, HM! I can live vicariously through you…

  5. You have nothing to apologise for, steerpike. You introduced me to Miasmata and for that I am eternally grateful.

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