Electron Dance will write something about each of these games in the near future.

Fibrillation / Egor Rezenov | Short-form first-person horror.

The 4th Wall / GZ Storm | Short-form first-person dang weird that’s what it is.

The Adventures of Shuggy / Smudged Cat Games | Comfy slippers puzzle platformer.

qrth-phyl / hermitgames | An experience.

Update 15 Sep 2012: @ortoslon had an allergic reaction to this so I’ll rephrase as

qrth-phyl / hermitgames | Alright, fine, it’s Snake in 3D, but it’s hermitgames’ Snake in 3D

Lone Survivor / Jasper Byrne | Silent Hill-esque horror painted in retro.

La-Mulana / Nigoro | Dark Souls, the 90s platform edition.

Please stand by.

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10 thoughts on “Warm Up / 140912

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing more about what qrth-phyl is. “Arcade documentary of maze/dot/snake mechanic within changing dimensions, axis locks and the corruption of the system” is not communicating anything to me.

  2. I think Lone Survivor is likely to be up next week as that piece is close to done. I’ve been dabbling with qrth-phyl for the last three nights and still not ready to write about it yet. I loved Leave Home, I also love this too.

  3. 90s platformer edition? I mean, the graphics are updated, but the Dark Souls-ness of it seems very 80s, considering how the original is supposed to come off as a lost MSX game.

  4. qrth-phyl description updated.

    Much like VVVVVV is a product of modern times – and not a throwback to the arrogance of coin-op arcade play – I’d argue that Dark Souls as well as La-Mulana are not messages from the 80s. I’d argue this having not played Dark Souls, of course.

  5. I could see that for Dark Souls (especially since it’s an expansion on From Software’s Kings Field series from the 90s, but La-Mulana has elements of difficulty related to what you should do or what you’ve even done (what solving a puzzle actually achieved, for example). The reflex/planning element is there, too, but it didn’t come across as especially being the focus of the challenge (or were the other elements dialed back in difficulty in the newer versions?).

  6. Hello again Beam. I’m still playing through La-Mulana but I’ve made a fair bit of progress. The reason I make the Dark Souls connection is that it doesn’t feel unfair yet is associated with a sort of brutal difficulty. Strictly non-casual. I couldn’t tell you if the difficulty was reduced; I don’t think so but I’d have to check on that.

    You’ll just have to wait until I chatter about it for the skinny.

  7. 4th wall seems familiar – is that the first person maze puzzle thing where some of the walls are only visible from the right direction? And this is a new version of it? I have a feeling I didn’t quite finish it the first time. I am interested.
    Fibrillation looks intriguing too – have to see when I can arrange an hour without interruptions.

  8. Hi phlebas, that’s probably what you’re thinking of. There’s a demo version and also a pay version; it’s also on XBLIG. I believe there’s also a demo of Fibrillation also available, but I haven’t checked it out.

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