There was this idea I’d had for a while: an article about game-making academics. Once Where We Came From had finished, I thought I should probably give it a shot. I started approaching academics for contributions last October with a view to write up something short and tight like Punchbag Artists. But I came to realise that I was working towards something much larger than an essay…

So it’s time for a new series, The Academics Are Coming. Based around several interviews, it’s about games studies academics who make games – who they are, why they do it and the relevance of their work to the gaming industry.

It kicks off for real next Tuesday with the first part of A Theoretical War. Oh and here’s a video.

For more information, have a look at the project page which contains the week-by-week schedule. The series should finish mid-August. Please enjoy the ride.


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7 thoughts on “Project Launch: The Academics Are Coming

  1. I thought Where We Came From was one of the best things on the gaming Internet last year, so very interested to hear this is coming along. Looking forward to it immensely.

  2. @Pedro- Jesus, that’s such a nice thing to say. Of course, it makes me nervous as well because the new series could disappoint =)

    @Gregg – Thank you! As the schedule will reveal, this series is not so much a vibrant “mix” of different subjects like Where We Came From, but I still hope it’ll be interesting for everyone.

  3. Excellent! It all makes sense now.

    Looking forward to this series… the schedule is tickling my brainmeats already.

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