The first of a five-part video series. This week I drink myself into a stupor with Shaun Green and AJ of Arcadian Rhythms.

Contains swearing, violence and nudity. Actually there’s only swearing. What you will discover in the video:

  • Why write about video games?
  • Why does AJ have a love/hate relationship with GameFAQs?
  • Cutscenes: to play or to skip?
  • How gamers on the fringe need the mainstream
  • The shocking truth that Shaun has a thing for Lyle Fernandez of Mindjack
  • Schafer vs Hofmeier deathmatch

Referenced links:

The second episode was posted on 22 May. Sorry about some of crackling on the audio; the rest of the series is crackle-less.

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19 thoughts on “Cat’s Away Chronicles I

  1. Thank you for linking the article on serious games. Obviously I need to start taking my games MORE SERIOUS 🙂

  2. For the record, when a camera is not trained on me I am much, much wittier and more articulate.

    The camera does not lie regarding my love of Lyle Fernandez. He is the ultimate character: memorable, in Mindjack, kind of Hispanic.

  3. This video went down smooth like a (insert drink name ending in “Ale” here).

    Using my GameFAQs scoring metric – 10/10 but I REALLY wish they would let me use partial points for my very demanding scoring requirements because it’s really more of a 9.8.

    P.S. How great IS that British pub food?

  4. Good use of Caps there Sid, to see more of Rainn Wilson’s outpouring there are two more spectacularly bad reviews on badger commander.

    I don’t think anyone ate that night. Shaun had a little adventure on the train and HM reported the next day to feeling a little sorry for himself. I am indestructible and went to work early the next day. Admittedly, I slept very well once I got home.

  5. @ShaunCG – As you say, we’re all wittier, more charismatic and smarter when there is no evidence to prove otherwise.

    @BeamSplashX – Thx! As BC points out, we didn’t eat anything in the pub. Tantalizingly close. But no cigar.

    @BC – “I slept very well once I got home.” And the only retort I have for that is “bastard”.

    @Rachel – Welcome Rachel. 3 sexy dances? Who… who promised the sexy dances? Was it Shaun?

    General FYI. The first two episodes are other blogger dudes. The remaining three are with game developer dudes.

  6. You could’ve learned to play an instrument. Or traveled the countryside, killing any small animal along the way, so you could buy the ability to play an instrument. Of course, you would need to know how to use a weapon, so it’s kind of a paradox.

    I bet the girl in the red cymbal dress proposed the sexy dances.

    Penny arcade (I’m sorry! I meant to tell you, I swear! You’re not the only electronic woman I love…) had a report about Valve devaluing video games. They took the exact opposite viewpoint, saying that the regular sales are a good thing for Indie dev’s. That may be true actually, since that’s the only obvious way of competing against mainstream games for mainstream gamers.

    So, are you saying something about your lovelife in the title? I’d put a little more…bluntly, but I can’t help but imagine little HM reading this in a few years. You may want to curtail the more profane bits of the site by then, so you don’t have to do it all at once.

  7. @Amanda – I have no idea why your comment got grabbed by the spam filter. Possibly because you get referred to as AJ over on Tap and WordPress simply handle having a different AJ in the video.

    @mwm – That noisy dress was insane. She makes quite an impact on the video. On sales, yeah that question is a big ball of danger-yarn that really requires its own post. Possibly towards the end of the year. Maybe. I can sum up my thoughts quickly: unfortunate but inevitable. But that’s just the lossy compressed JPG version.

    It’s not really saying anything about my lovelife although it’s definitely riffing off the “while the cat’s away…” metaphor, as per the start of the video. I’m not so bothered about profanity and the Little HM; I’d be more worried if I was one of the internet yahoos that spat out “you deserve to be raped” and thats-so-gay putdowns, who one day has to explain all this.

    The less said about you calling me an electronic woman, the better.

    @Rachel – I must ask. I beg of you, please tell me. Is “herdivineshadow” a Lexx reference?

    @Gregg – Yes, only the finest journalism here on Electron Dance. I will simply make up people’s names.

  8. @Rachel, fabulous. I’ve only watched series three and four so I need, at some point, to go back and watch the first two series. There are not many series that obliterate the universe. And then carry on and have another series. The dead do not lie.

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