The Academics Are Coming

The Academics Are Coming is a series about video game academics who develop games for fun, profit and research.


A Theoretical War (24 April – 08 May)

The Company of Troublemakers: Ian Bogost (15 May)

Bit of a Rebel: Clara Fernández-Vara (29 May)

Dear Korsakovia (05 June)

A Very New Thing: Dan Pinchbeck (19 June)

Taking a Breather: Chaim Gingold (26 June)

A Complicated Relationship: Doug Wilson (03 July)

A Need to Create: Mitu Khandaker (17 July)

Raising the Barr (31 July)

A Fantastic Angle: Pippin Barr (07 August)

The Academics Are Here (14 August)

Don’t Believe The Hype

I sneaked in two mentions of the series prior to the official launch. Did you notice?

Fotonica Astonishca video at 04:50 A sign in the background.

"The Academics Are Coming" from the Fotonica Astonishica video

Cat’s Away Chronicles I video at 16:25 A question for Shaun Green of Arcadian Rhythms doesn’t seem to make any sense.