With all the recent hubbub over the Deus Ex 3 trailer, I thought I’d link to a couple of very early STALKER trailers, when it was still called Oblivion Lost. I became a STALKER groupie completely on the basis of these trailers. Later trailers left me feeling empty and sighing wistfully, pondering whether the STALKER promise I had fallen in love with had died of neglect.

The final game was broken, flawed but amazing – rippling with darker atmosphere muscle than these trailers could muster. So have a look at these remarkably simple pieces; you’ll find little in common with STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.

And my love for STALKER has somewhat broken my blog with some particularly fat videos. Ah well. Love hurts.

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6 thoughts on “Not The Game: STALKER

  1. Maybe I should just open a new post that simply says “STALKER. Discuss.” Thoroughly enjoyed that game, although getting though Red Forest and beyond was punishing brutal stuff.

  2. Oh my very very.

    The interface design is clearly only just moving over from their previous project, the absolutely awesome/broken/awesome ‘Codename: Outbreak’ (named otherwise in the home territories).

    I hadn’t seen these before. Thanks, HM.

    Purely nostalgic pleasure… it was after the design moved to Chernobyl that I actually grew excited for STALKER. To my shame, I still haven’t seen the film – but I recently read and absolutely loved the origin novel, Roadside Picnic.

  3. Hey Jakkar, no problem with resurrected posts. The dead shall inherit the earth, and all that.

    These trailers got me interested in the game and, against all odds, turned out to be pretty cool even after 762 years in development…

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