As the next film is taking a while to complete, I thought I’d put out a trailer. No game spoilers for The Witness appear in the trailer, although the final film will be nothing but spoilers.


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13 thoughts on “Trailer: The Unbearable Now

  1. I’m not sure how many of the regulars are going to be able to watch the film! Maybe I need to start purchasing keys for The Witness and distributing them just to make sure everyone here is up to speed.

    Although I shouldn’t complain as I only just started ploughing through Dark Souls, 17 years after it was released. I expected to be finished in 2018.

  2. To be honest, I should just watch it, spoilers and all. The Witness sounds very cool, but the odds of my getting round to playing it any time soon are really low.

    So, er… how are you getting on with Dark Souls?

  3. I was going to vote for “Send copies to all your readers,” but I’m not on Steam and there’s no Mac port, so there wouldn’t be much point for me, I guess. (Aside: I find myself sympathizing with Jonathan Blow.) Also my hard drive is full.

    Still, I may file this one under “Maybe I’ll get to it sometime much much later.”

  4. If you need a friendly summon to assist with any bosses, give me a shout. No idea how it works in DS1 on PC but I’d be happy to try.

    A fellow human being and the spirit of jolly cooperation and probably more reliable than hoping you chance upon the correct sequence of events to get white NPC phantoms to help with bosses! Although assuming you didn’t miss Solaire, he can help with the Gargoyles. 🙂

  5. Initial reaction, on clicking the above tweet from the Recent Comments sidebar: The Witness seems a lot more interesting than I’d thought.

  6. Ugh. Did not expect a trailer for The Witness, of all things, to end with a gory disgusting clip of man’s head exploding.

  7. Shaun

    I can’t get the multiplayer/online stuff to work. I’ve been looking for clues but no answers so far. No I didn’t miss Solaire…


    Which tweet were you referring to?


    Sorry about that. I was in two minds whether to include it at all: was a particularly gorefesty clip from a horror film appropriate for this video? It’s en excerpt from the final film for a very specific moment (not for a throwaway “it Jonathan Blows my mind”) but I think your reaction cautions me to trust my earlier instinct on this, which was to pull it from the final film. It’s gone.

  8. Comment. It’s called a comment, not a tweet. My error.

    I was referring to Shaun’s comment immediately above mine (the joke being that when I looked at the thread I realized that he was not talking about The Witness at all!)

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