In my finite wisdom, I’ve decided to put out a bunch of links and videos now and then. I’m no Dire Critic, no Critical Distance nor Sunday Papers. I don’t have traffic power of that sort… not yet, my pretties. But sometimes just tweeting forward isn’t enough. When I have enough links or videos to make a quick Friday post worthwhile, I’ll put one of these out.

Links! Five in total, one invokes the non-word “fuckability”.

Honorary Mentions! Two new free game releases I haven’t played.

Videos! 2 Portal 2 videos: one amusingly strange, one just amusing. YMMV.

Link Drag

Simon Ferrari delivers a nice essay on Sweatshop, what it’s good at, what it’s not good at. I’ll probably write about Sweatshop as well, but I need to research my opinion first. Researching an opinion? Doesn’t that make it less opiniony?

Interesting article on Gamasutra about level design through the lens of “human survival instincts”.

This word war between John Walker and Kieron Gillen on Rock Paper Shotgun about Limbo was a return to form. It’s nice to see RPS still doing this sort of thing as it can seem a bit news-heavy nowadays.

Amanda Lange’s guest article gave birth to a bunch of interesting comments over at Tap Repeatedly. In fact, yours truly wrote a whopper, only for RPS to go mine the comment thread and post my single negative point – after a comment full of wholemeal goodness – on The Sunday Papers. Amanda, on her own site, has also taken a violent stab at the whole “vote for the best female Shepherd”, which she calls out as a vote for – and I am almost quoting here – fuckability.

Honorary Mentions

Jonas Kyratzes releases The Book of Living Magic, Pippin Barr does Safety Instructions. These are honorary mentions because I haven’t had a chance to fire up either, but their time is now and both authors aim for something different. Well, the first Link Drag was 100% links I hadn’t read, so this is really getting back to grass roots.

A Nice Pair of Portals

Picked up from the RPS thread on the Portal 2 Exile video winners. I approve of tasty surreal, yes.

And this! Don’t you wish you had a portal gun? Minor NSFW.


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3 thoughts on “This Link Drag Thinks With Portals

  1. And so it begins… I think I’ll follow your lead and try to revive my old Decker’s Delight Links thingy. Lovely selection; and do play The Book of Living Magic.

  2. Yep I know we were only discussing this a few days ago but realised I had enough for a first stab. I was just going to put the videos up but then I thought – well, surely you can do better that?

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