ShaunCG wrote over at Arcadian Rhythms: “Equally, though… man, E3. Who gives a shit! It’s the perfect time of year to stop reading the gaming press.” Until he said that, I didn’t even realise I was being a passive E3sumer, digesting thousands of nuggets of trivia passed along the many grubby hands of the Twitternet.

No one remembers anything about E3 2010. Or E3 2009. What about that awesome thing in E3 2004? No? For all the hype, it’s totally forgettable. So did anything catch my eye? I didn’t get excited about games at all. Just one trailer. This is the only thing about E3 week I can really remember. It’s absolutely stunning CGI work, snappily choreographed to the beautiful track that fronts the show. I’d put it up there with my beloved Dead Island trailer.

Again, this ain’t about the game, it’s all about trailer love. You know I’m probably not going to play this, right?

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8 thoughts on “My E3

  1. as much as I am removed from modern mainstream gaming once ayeah I go home at christmas to my parents in York for the christmas period…

    Any I buy assains creed to play its my one guilty pleasure. I dunno what it is above that game, wonderful historical settings.

  2. @Switchbreak:
    Shh, don’t tell him or E3 will have to put up with his antics next.

    This trailer was pretty neat, though I was wondering why they stopped shooting at him so quickly. I also think they’re overdue for a setting/character change.

  3. @BeamSplashX: If you analyse the trailer too much then it’s going to fall apart. I always find it amusing that our gaming heroes frequently tackle enemies head-on, as if they know luck (i.e. the Writer Gods) are on their side! Ezio walks up to the “front door” and then gets surprised that everyone is waiting for him (assuming he wasn’t expecting a friendly reception) (double assuming that it wasn’t his plan to get caught, maybe it was and if so IT WAS A BAD PLAN). The only problem with trailer logic is that it often converts into actual game logic. And the game designers wonder why we rubbish their stories…

    Similarly incomprehensible logic turns up in that SWTOR intro cinematic: the Han Solo facsimile walks directly into the line of fire shooting at the enemy. Somehow “hero” means “stupid and crazy lucky” in Hollywood language.

  4. I only leverage my complaint about the arrows because some arrow-dodging might have been nice (though it could’ve been taken incorrectly as a new game mechanic instead of a cutscene flourish).

  5. Oh BEAM BEAM BEAM. Don’t go making yourself one of these people who are trying to excavate game possibilities out of a few odd-shaped pixels in CGI trailers. Teh Disappointment!

  6. Ah, very nice indeed. I also thought the trailer for the original AssCreed was very good, lovingly choreographed in a similar way, although the game never captured my imagination.

    I suppose it’s a bit difficult at times to script scenes wherein heroes do not walk directly into the path of bullets given that most games involve mechanics whereby heroes are invulnerable to some bullets. (Some as in plural, not a specific subset of hero-killing bullets, although we do see those too.)

  7. Hey it’s ShaunCG! Back from the land of the revolutionaries! Hang on, no, those riots were all about hockey. Ooookay, back from Canada. I hope BC took care of you.

    You’re right of course on the bullet thing, but sadly it means those trailers are playing up the Machoman Fantasy. I suppose I can’t complain as half of the Western cultural output is about mad heroics.

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