HM loves Armageddon Empires and wants to share this love with you.

This ten-part series covers some common newbie mistakes in this game, which has a learning curve more associated with a curve than anything resembling learning. You will make these mistakes and more. But at least you will know you were not alone.

Combat Fatigue

Here’s a mistake I still make. And considering I’m within epsilon of the perfect being, this is really saying something dramatic with trumpets and drums.

It’s clobberin’ time and you’re trying to kick some butt with your small band of mutants. You want to rip Casca a set of new ones because you lust after the Exp Proving Grounds facility he’s sitting on top of. Casca may look like Shinji, that kid overdosed on angst in Neon Genesis Evangelion, but he’s flanked by a mean-looking pair of Waste Rangers. They range waste like no one else can.

Crivens! Your Outrider is not so hot in situations like this and is about to lose one of its two hitpoints. But you are unconcerned as you’ve got some cool tactics cards up your sleeves. You’ll add three more dice and this will probably keep the Outrider safe and sound for a few seconds more.

So you drag the tactics card across and are about to pat yourself on the back for spending all your Action Points (AP) building up tactics just before this fight. Tactics cards are pretty cheap – they only need AP – so there’s no excuse for leaving the tactics cupboard bare if you’ve got the facility and tactician in place. You drag the card across…

Except that you forgot you actually need AP to deploy a tactics card. Well done, asshole. You made a couple of cards but left no AP hanging around to use them.

So the lesson is, if you think you’re going to get into a fight during your round and you’ve developed a nice little nest egg of tactics cards then, for the love of Hizal, make sure you don’t exhaust your AP during your turn.

Any contradiction with earlier advice presented in Army Origami is purely intentional.

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2 thoughts on “Armpit Empires IX of X: Combat Fatigue

  1. I love deliberate contradictions!

    Holy crap. Armpit Empires has been going almost a year. I think it’s time to finish this.

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