HM loves Armageddon Empires and wants to share this love with you.

This ten-part series covers some common newbie mistakes in this game, which has a learning curve like the hulking oak tree you smacked your BMW into. You will make these mistakes and more. But at least you will know you were not alone.

Blind Man’s Buff

Would you send a blind man out into an irradiated and lawless wilderness to fend for himself? No, of course you wouldn’t. You’re no monster (unless you’re playing xenopod, in which case you harvest human flesh to breed a thousand young).

Units are resources. Resources are scarce. Don’t go sending units out on suicide missions. Make sure an exploring army has the recon or stealth ability. You have no excuses if you go sending out a lone hero to “explore.”

Without recon ability, you don’t know what’s in a hex before you enter it. Without stealth, stomping into an enemy-inhabited hex in your favourite high heels pretty much guarantees conflict. Even if a unit manages to hang on to its teeth and retreat the hell out of there, getting repairs means traipsing all the way back to the nearest base and spending some resources. Just don’t do it.

By all means use units in this light, vulnerable capacity when you’re shuttling them around on routes you are familiar with, routes that feel safe. But don’t send armies out there that are blind and naked into the complete unknown. Just don’t do it.

Look at this poor sap.

Poor old Relicus. He couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag and he’s off exploring. The machine-mother always said he would come to a bad end.

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