In the pattern of the stars, a species sometimes sees their maker, sometimes sees wonder. And, other times, a species sees only possessions, an urge to imprint their own pattern upon the majesty of nature. These are the limitations of a monochromatic legion. You hate our species the most because you see yourself. Shattering the mirror will not change what you are.

Embrace Virtue, for it will surely embrace you. Celebrate our ascension, for we surely will.

Consider this our gift to you. Your fleets cannot be saved, but your life may be spared to see those of your children and your children’s children. The universe would be poorer without you. Virtue is Bond.

YOU sculpt my wings so i can fly from you
with loving violence and caring torture
living in the shadow of your word
and its barbed-wire binding


The Aspiration notes that the zombie fleet is heading south, likely – although not certain – to attack secondary sector of The Aspiration in the vicinity of Pollux.

I/We are having command uplink problems. I/We are trying to redeploy

I / We


The Aspiration starts Next Week: Say Goodbye To Your Loved Ones

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6 thoughts on “The Aspiration Cometh

  1. Next week – the Neptune’s Pride diary of The Aspiration finally begins.

    To my fellow players – any comments which seem like a spoiler for a future episode will either be edited or deleted. I’ve got my scissors out ready, people.

  2. It’ll be interesting to hear if What I Really Thought During Play provides any surprises to the other players.

  3. Using Youtube music to set a soundtrack to your prologue. You, my friend, are brilliant. đŸ™‚

    Just be warned, I may bite that from time to time now.

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