sb3 if piigs could fry bleached 2

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3 thoughts on “Soundbite 3: If Piigs Could Fry

  1. I see a temptation to discuss politics over to strictly video games and I say Get Up And Jam! After all, we dont live apart the world just be cause video games should be dine in the children’s table. This delusion is what makes the video game’s comunity closed like a square, having all sort of misconceptions, moral, ethical and theoretical. You already do a nince job getting out the box in yor articles, thats why I keep coming by, that and the internet. And if angry robots comes bombing the place, just block and say a big no, democracy is misundertood as a tool to justify ignorance. Happy OXI Day!

  2. Hi Pedro!

    I had planned to use the videogame imagery of Spec Ops to take on the politics of the Scottish referendum but, well, it was a lot of effort and I missed the moment. I thought I’d have another go with the Greek crisis but I’m not sure anyone realises it’s Spec Ops…

    Anyway, as you should be able to tell, I’ve written something a lot more substantive on Greece since this post!

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