Which one is The Stanley Parable?

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5 thoughts on “Soundbite 1: Choose

  1. Well the one who said “I’m not a hard determinist” was basically endorsing compatibilism–hard determinism = determinism + incompatibilism.

    The other issue is that indeterminism doesn’t necessarily give you free will either. If we live in an indeterministic universe because at the level of elementary particles things can hop one way or the other, how does that give me free will? I don’t choose the hopping of those particles. Galen Strawson has developed this argument.

    In fact, there’s a Humean argument that free will requires determinism. Suppose that “free will” means “the ability to act in accordance with my wants” (or maybe that it requires the ability to act in accordance with my wants). Then the argument is that we can only be free if our acts are determined by our wants.

    I didn’t really get this game though, maybe because it’s unfinished. It didn’t seem like moving the tree changed what happened when you move the slider.

  2. Groups are easy to predict and individuals are hard, causality must be admitted, everyone is responsible for their own actions but still have an obligation to positively influence the people around them, humans are inherently evil, people are overwhelmingly half-assed, and it’s fun to run into people you knew a bunch of years ago.

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