Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the second series, episode 2 of 10.

Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly throw around words like “glorious” and “pathetic” when discussing what might just be multiplayer game of the year: Rocket League.

  • “It feels like a game that’s come straight off a 16-bit console”
  • “I thought you were aggressive Gregg, but you’re like a pussycat”
  • “And BANG – I’ve gone up in the air.”

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5 thoughts on “Side by Side: Rocket League

  1. You do Shaun! If you ever see me on Rocket League, give me a shout, I’m always happy to play. I’m usually doing 2v2s with Luke so switching to 3v3 is easy!

  2. Fellas, I am still rubbish at this game. I’m improving a little but those Pro bots run rings round me. I need to play stupid human players. Like my children. When I wipe the floor with them, I feel good about myself. This is okay, right?

  3. Oh, the ethics of beating children now, is it?

    @Gregg – might just do that! Am not really focused on any particular game right now so some matches online would be good. I’ll try and have my headset next time too so I can actually talk.

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