It’s time for another site sabbatical. During June, I’m taking a break from writing Electron Dance articles to recharge my drained brain-batteries and also, possibly, to play some games.

But I have not abandoned you. I know your weeks will not be the same without something to grind your thinking teeth on. Over the next four weeks, I’ve persuaded several writers to provide guest posts in my absence.

Just one piece of advice: don’t like their work more than you like mine. I couldn’t tolerate that.

When I return, we’ll see about getting this video rolled out…

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2 thoughts on “Sabbatical 2014

  1. Sounds fun! Enjoy your month off!

    And… try to play games for fun rather than to write about them, I guess? It sounds like that’s… kind of a dilemma you face a lot. :/

  2. I want to play some games because I feel like I’m running out of raw materials to discuss. I’ve stooped to mobile on a PC site!

    The sabbatical is never really a month off, it’s just a diversion of focus without the anxiety to get something out each week. Last year I spent the entire month working on the video – which is due out in July.

    Let see what creative flowers June brings. Perhaps some work on the book too…

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