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So there’s this series. This project in my gut. Been talking about this a couple of years, now. And every time I talk, it ain’t the same project. It’s changed. Become fatter again. More jaded. More bite. A bigger shadow.

So there’s this book. All these words on a website. All these ready-written ready-made words without the shrinkwrap, without a cover to keep them warm. On a website. Sounded like a plan. Sounded like a plan to turn them into a book. Put them words in a book, make it serious.

But this busy dude only has time for one thing at one time. Project first. Book second. Project. Book. Project. Book.

Sure, you can see it, now. You can see it, too. Why make a book of old, free words, when you can make a book of fresh ones?

I went on to the Appendix forum, asked if I was screwing with expectations. I promised this project for the site. If I put it in a book instead, will you be mad with me?

It’s okay, they said. We’re down with that.

Now, don’t go getting wrong impressions because this thing ain’t remotely done. And now since I started talking about it again, it got gone bigger and changed again. This crazed rant.

A little trouble, though, is that video that was supposed to go with it. See I’m trying to put something across here and I don’t have a team of slave animators in a far off country to do it like I feel. This means, I’ve torn off the EULAs and the copyrights of some contemporary music and film to remix into my own creation. But if the project becomes a book, this copyright-shredding video becomes a commercial for a product. That is all sorts of trouble. Using other people’s work for personal financial gain.

I been working on that video for over six months now and there’s no way in Hawaii I’m going to lock it away in some damp archive. So I’m going to release the video when I’m done with it and sink any association with the book. It’ll be it’s own thing. But, for sure, if you want to know what the book is about, the video will tell you.

Sorry to keep you so long. Mind how you go.

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3 thoughts on “An Electron Dance Book

  1. I like the idea of a book but only if it contains some new material. If it’s just re-bound bloggings then I’d never buy it; if it contains new material (perhaps some longer articles unconstrained by the blog format, or some followup articles commenting on a previous article and your thoughts afterwards) then I’d definitely be interested.

    It’s hard to judge the video thing since it’s under wraps, but it sounds like if you’ve spent 6 months on the damn thing you should get it out there.

  2. I’m still interested in a greatest hits of Electron Dance book as well because I would revise the material and also add some new stuff. You know, the extra single or two you don’t have so you have to buy the whole album? NEFARIOUS. But the book I’m actually planning on now will be completely fresh content.

    Hope to get the video finished in the near future, just need… some time. And my health back.

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