[Screenshot of game featuring "loot" "damage" and figures running amongst shops]
Riot Games, UK 2011

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4 thoughts on “Press X For Tomorrow

  1. Ah, don’t get your hopes up! I wanted to capture what happened in the UK this week in the “medium of the game screenshot”. Shops not 15 minutes walk from my home were looted. 15 minutes by car: the shops were burning.

    I wanted to put across more about the political/social backdrop to this as “Level 1”, but those screenshot ideas just didn’t work very well. However, I think covers how the riots were working and why they kept on going.

  2. I see. I’d say that explains it really well; the fact that people usually don’t get to destroy things means they’d really cut loose and try to get as much done as possible once they start.

    Scary stuff. But complex issues always have a scary element to them- you just rarely see it outright.

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