—zzzzkkk It’s okay, shhhh, it’s okay. We’re here, don’t worry. Hold my hand.

Hopefully there won’t be too much upset from this little server switch. You shouldn’t notice anything different… apart from all the changes. Here’s a handpicked selection of the main updates.

  • Many theme improvements. Gregg B and Mrs. HM stopped me from replacing the theme entirely and so I got to work on widening. But I didn’t stop there.
  • Now you can get e-mailed updates if you don’t like Twitter or RSS.
  • Even more ridiculous – subscribe to comment updates by e-mail! I like to call this one the “Pippin Barr Feature Request”.
  • RSS no longer just tiny excerpts but the opening chunk of each article.
  • Light theme for handhelds which should mean faster downloads for those of you receiving TCP/IP packets by carrier pigeon.
  • Old server was in the US, new one in the UK. That’s good for me, but possibly not good for you if you browse from the US. If any Americans want to improve Electron Dance browsing performance then I recommend relocation.

Anyway, I’m just glad it’s over and I can get back to panicking about getting articles published in time.

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3 thoughts on “New Server, New Joy

  1. Things seem just yankee-doodle dandy from here, Joel.

    I made that joke because I’m American, you see. Making it clever.

    P.S. U! S! A!

  2. I also meant to say if anyone has any problems with the new layout, please just drop a comment here and we’ll send our technicians out to examine the issue. In other words, me.

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