I made a Twine game called Truth is Ghost. Richard Goodness badgered me into making it because I didn’t enjoy Twine games.

I’m not going to say much about it, other than to warn you of its profane and violent content. I will be writing a post-mortem on the design and Twine development itself next month. Truth is Ghost is one of 16 different exhibits in the Fear of Twine exhibition. In the exhibition, you’ll also find work by Pippin Barr, David T. Marchand, Jonas Kyratzes and Amanda Lange. As well as the world-famous Eric Brasure. Electron Dance is also hosting the official Fear of Twine forum over on The Appendix.

Here’s the teaser for the game:

Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega are Clothmen, in secret service to The-God-To-Be. A simple assignment to apprehend a renegade Clothman goes sour – but can they stop bickering long enough to stop Ms. Morgana?

UPDATE: The Fear of Twine exhibition has now closed so I’m now hosting the twine locally.

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6 thoughts on “I Made a Twine

  1. So I have to ask – is the formatting supposed to be a pain in the ass? I mean all the “i’s” (as in the letter “i”) being removed from the words?

  2. Oh dear. Can you send me a screenshot on hm at Electrondance etc.? And let me know what browser + version you are using?

  3. Hello, I just wanted to ask… I found all 3 parts of the link, however I believe there’s a letter/number missing since the link throws me into a 404.

  4. Hi Andrea, I know at least one other had got through to the video so not sure exactly what has gone wrong here. If you send me the pieces by email I’ll reply back with what’s missing. I am hm at Electrondance dotcom.

    (I am not averse to people sharing the Youtube link but I feel bad if I do it myself!)

  5. I understand why you don’t want to put it, its part of the charm of making someone go through the trouble of finding the puzzle pieces =)

    Although, it’s strange… the letters/numbers where all correct according to that… Oh well.

    Thank you for replying ^^!

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