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Yakushima - Wilson's Stump (Okabu Trail)

Have you read The Rings posted on 15 Feb 2012?

As the personal essay rose to prominence in the game critic space, I moved away from this pattern, seeing it as a kind of crutch. That is, are the ideas I’m trying to articulate good enough to stand on their own without the lead-in anecdote? The Rings is an example of the personal essay I used to do, with half its length about climbing the island of Yakushima.

The Rings is about accepting consequences in games. I don’t know if I could write this today, perhaps suspecting I was padding a short idea into a long one using a personal story.

See if you agree.

Go read it!

From the comments:

  • Michael Brough (brog): “Nobody reloads from saves in a multiplayer game.”
  • Badger Commander: “How do I fix that, tell me HM, how do I fix that?”
  • Gnome: “Oh, and people -especially on the internet- are indeed strange”
  • Steerpike: “With gaming – and everything – we all do tend to look back and remember the grass as greener.”
  • LiberalEurope: “There was a point, late-game, that I was worried the game might never end. We had broken so many rules, but we nonetheless found ourselves trapped in the game.”

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