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Have you read Punchbag Artists originally published by the now-defunct Resolution Magazine on 4 Oct 2010?

Originally written for zero pennies and imaginary exposure, this was a big hit. How do developers deal with destructive criticism? People seemed to dig the message although there were criticisms that Derek Smart was sharing the stage with Dan Marshall, Chris Park, Edmund McMillen, Paul Eres and… Gabe Newell.

Yeah, even I was shocked that I got a proper reply from Gabe Newell for the article, having been writing about videogames for only six months.

Go read it!

From the comments:

  • Pippin Barr: “I particularly think that more good writing from the “developer” side is sorely needed, and this humanising kind is a favourite.”
  • Christos: “Flaming responses and personal attacks to game developers are for me the result of such “problematic” mappings”
  • Gnome: “Oh, and people -especially on the internet- are indeed strange”
  • BeamSplashX: “Oh god, the RPGCodex invasion into Second Person Shooter was just shame, shame, shame.”
  • ShaunCG: “I suppose the explosion in popularity of Charlie Brooker and Yahtzee must have driven it to some extent.”

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