Hello, Electron Dance friends. You may have heard on the social pipes that I interviewed Croteam about The Talos Principle 2 for Thinky Games. You may have been wondering when you might see this interview. Wonder no more because that day is… tomorrow!

You want a teaser? You’ll find one on Twitter and Mastodon.

The interview, with Davor Hunski, Verena Kyratzes, Davor Tomicic and Jonas Kyratzes, finally airs on Friday as part of the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase (which kicks off today). I hit Croteam with REAL questions like, “Is it just lasers and sigils?”

The interview runs on Friday 4 August at 7pm UK / 2pm EST / 8pm CET – just go to the Showcase page for the stream. It’s about 25 minutes long so grab yourself an appropriate 25 minute beverage first.

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