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Okay, so this is something unexpected for me and probably also for the studio audience.

For over two years Electron Dance has been my private writing space. Aside from the occasional post written with Gregg B and the Special Guest Star articles it’s all been me me me. From the about page: “As Electron Dance is my voice, I don’t like to dilute it with guest posts.”

But today is change.

Where This Came From

So it was good old Richard Hofmeier who brought Eric Brasure to my attention. He tweeted about a podcast in which Eric interviewed Michael “The Brainy Gamer” Abbott and I liked it so much I added it to a link drag a couple of months back. Turned out that Eric was already an Electron Dance follower, so that was nice.

Eric’s been podcasting for years and started work on a new podcast project called Dialogue Tree last December. He calls it an “interview show that explores the intersection of games and culture”. It’s been running for a while now but developing an audience on the internet is a slow process unless you post videos of cats and include top ten lists.

I thought highly of Eric’s work and wanted to help his interviews get more exposure. And so… I asked Eric if he’d join Electron Dance and let me post Dialogue Tree through the site.

Surely you can guess what he said. Without hesitation, breathless and excited: “Uh, let me think about it.”

It seems fitting to introduce Eric Brasure with a podcast. So here is a four-minute podcast doing just that, which finishes with the most ridiculous words out of my mouth ever, “Thank you everybody.”

(You can also download the introduction MP3 if you prefer.)

So welcome Eric Brasure. Just don’t muss up my things while you sleep on the couch.

Q & A

  • Dialogue Tree will usually be posted on Mondays. I’ll be posting up his back catalogue as well as new episodes.
  • Don’t worry – I’ll still make my own podcasts if I feel the urge in my loins. Maybe you can think of it as podcast combat.
  • Dialogue Tree is in addition to the regular Electron Dance service – new writing every Tuesday and the occasional Friday. There is no change to the schedule.
  • Thank you Jenn Frank. If you want to see the comment conversation which improbably turned into Eric joining Electron Dance, go check out the lengthy comments on Infinite Lives.
  • I have no intention of writing a top ten list. Videos of cats? I’m not willing to be drawn on this question.
  • Eric can be found on Twitter and also on his site, Charles Wallace on Camazotz. It seems he has a beard.

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10 thoughts on “Welcome Eric Brasure

  1. I think having another writer here would drive me batty, with editing taking over my writing/gameplay time. The two weeks I took off writing last year after the exhausting “Where We Came From” summer, weren’t actually that restful due to the editing duties!

    So Eric won’t be doing any writing here (at least that’s what I initially proposed) and I see his presence as complementary. With Eric, he just comes up with this podcast – better quality than my own – and I roll it into a page. I trust him to do a great job. Then again, I haven’t listened to his separate Star Trek podcast venture yet… I may change my mind.

    @Eric, that’s coming out of your weekly salary. Oh I remember now, I don’t pay you anything. Welcome to your $100 Greenlight Debt Plan!

  2. Never say never, but I don’t even like writing at my own site, so… I’ll say never.

    Thanks for the welcome, all. I hope to live up to expectations. Or at least meet them halfway.

  3. We did look at having an Electron Dance version on iTunes but it caused all sorts of time paradoxi and space-time glitches. I don’t want to bore you with the sort of minutiae Eric and I had to sort out before launch. So we settled on just pimping the original Dialogue Tree iTunes feed which, of course, holds all of the podcasts he’s published to date. The iTunes feed is posted at the end of each Dialogue Tree post and I’m mulling over adding the feed to the sidebar.

    I’m rolling out historical podcasts slowly to Electron Dance, but will post new ones immediately; I’m pushing out Eric’s latest podcast tomorrow to get us on track.

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