90 minutes. Seven games.

Stream this week – Monday 12 November, and will begin at 9:30PM UK, 10:30PM Central Europe, 4:30PM EST. My Twitch channel can be found at twitch.tv/electrondance.

I will discuss the following titles:

Previous Transmissions are available on the dedicated E/TX YouTube channel.

Update 15 November! Here’s the archived stream:

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5 thoughts on “Transmission: The Light Keeps Us Safe & More

  1. It seems an odd choice for The Light Keeps Us Safe to go with checkpoints rather than quick save. Does that discourage you from experimenting with the world and the different things you can do?

  2. Maybe “odd” was the wrong word there. Rather, Jim R seems to have been inspired by immersive sims that don’t do checkpoint saves….

  3. Hi Kfix, sorry for late response, been working sooooo hard on A Field of Flowers this week. I think The Light Keeps Us Safe is inspired by survival games like Subnautica – the idea is that you’re going outside for food to stay alive. That’s where the checkpoint aspect comes from I guess – those games need you to suffer from loss somehow, although they don’t usually wind back the clock in this way.

    However the survival aspect is pretty slim. There is nothing to the development of your character aside from food and health – and your upgraded light. The light upgrade feels like more a gating mechanism. And there is no continuous world but a bunker which exposes exits to different levels.

    So, yeah, I understand your difficulty when it comes to regarding the checkpoints. I haven’t found out a big problem, so far, and I feel the fear of failure breathing down my neck.

    Initially it stopped me experimenting but I’m always like that in the early time of any game like this – I don’t want anything bad to happen so I’m like a scared kitty. Good Times.

    Had some incredibly tense situations because I wasn’t sure what to do and being hunted down.

  4. Ok, I guess that was a problem with my preconceptions then. I was totally fine with how Subnautica did things, and if it gets the mood right (looks good from your experience anyway) this could be a little gem. Thanks!

  5. Kfix, I wouldn’t want you to necessarily walk back your concerns that quickly. I don’t think it feels like a survival game – there is very little to gather and ‘do’ in a sense beyond collecting stuff to move forward progress bars (motes, components) and food to reset the hunger counter. So whether checkpointing feels appropriate – jury out, I guess?

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