Over the last month, I made the foolish attempt to take on difficult Bonfire Peaks (Corey Martin, 2021) puzzles, live on Twitch. All three sessions are now available as a single video on YouTube. There is a lot of failure and thrashing around. But there is also some success, including the end of the game.

My Twitch channel can be found at twitch.tv/electrondance. Previous Transmissions are available on the dedicated E/TX YouTube channel.

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5 thoughts on “Transmission: The Bonfire Peaks Sessions

  1. The big question! What are the games being tributed in the Dimension Of Puzzle Game Tributes? There’s the fork from Sausage Roll, a flag from Baba is You, a raft from Monster’s Expedition (which I tried to use before I realized these were tributes), a pipe from Pipe Push Paradise, one of those panels from The Witness, but what other games are in there? The one in the huge aquatic cavern with lots of puzzles is particularly bugging me.

    Anyhow I watched the first nine minutes of the video inspired to me to finally beat Keyhole. There was something I’d overlooked.

  2. The List

    ?? Blue jack (by Trick Shot)
    ?? Puzzlescript-ish game (cavern behind waterfall)
    Baba is You (flag, above waterfall)
    Illiteracy by Lucas Le Slo (purple icon on yellow background, beside waterfall)
    Kine (music stand in front of waterfall)
    The Witness (panel on floor in front of waterfall)
    Pipe Push Paradise (in water above waterfall)
    Stephen’s Sausage Roll (fork, down from waterfall)
    ?? Yellow box with small brown box? (beside fork)
    Patrick’s Parabox (cube with eyes by On the Ledge)
    Recursed (chest below cube with eyes)
    A Monster’s Expedition (logs on water)

  3. Oh dang I’ve played FEZ, should’ve got that. And Jack Lance is the guy who did that charming (IMO) Coin Counter PuzzleScript game and that absolute mindscrew Vext Edit Puzzlescript game, though I haven’t seen his icon before as far as I remember. I haven’t played Sticky Candy Puzzle Saga either, or anything else besides the ones I named in my first post.

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