60 minutes-ish. Four games.

Stream this week – Wednesday 08 April – and will begin at 9:30PM UK, 10:30PM Central Europe, 4:30PM EST. My Twitch channel can be found at twitch.tv/electrondance.

I will discuss the following titles:

Previous Transmissions are available on the dedicated E/TX YouTube channel.

Update 09 Apr 2020. The stream has now been archived on YouTube:

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5 thoughts on “Transmission: Return Home, Ethereal

  1. It seems my mic was turned way up for some reason. I have no idea why and I come across as a shouty buffoon. You should all unfollow my Twitch account. I cannot be trusted to treat your audio with respect.

  2. “I come across as a shouty buffoon”

    Well, on the bright side you’re probably going to get a boost from the Twitch algorithm…

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