One hour. Four games. (Well, actually, my dress rehearsal overran so take “one hour” with a pinch of salt.)

Stream this week – Wednesday 20 June, and will begin at 9:30PM UK, 10:30PM Central Europe, 4:30PM EST. My Twitch channel can be found at

I will discuss the following titles:

Previous Transmissions are available on the dedicated E/TX YouTube channel.

Update 26 August! Here’s the archived stream:

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3 thoughts on “Transmission: Cultist Simulator, RYB, Domina

  1. So I started playing this and because it was you who made me buy it, Joel, I thought here would be a good place to drop some thoughts on why I dropped the game, despite loving the concept, music and visuals.

    It’s the numbers, man. And the UI to deal with them. I expected some busywork with this one between the glorious battles but there’s a lot of comparing stats and levels, and training sliders with ‘points’ that don’t correlate neatly with each other. It starts to get very mushy and boggy. Like, there’s weapon, strength, aggro, agility, AI, defense, turtle, evade, HP, armour HP, mood, weights, damage, money, and juggling this lot with your carousel of doomed gladiators, Jupiter cards, ludus upgrades, employees and currying favour with the legate and magistrate, as well as a UI that requires a lot of hovering over things and… yeah, I got tired of it pretty fast unfortunately. It reminds me of Darkest Dungeon insofar as it seems the real game is about treading water until you’ve got your HQ geared up to effectively churn out and look after good fighters. Until then you’re mostly throwing meat into the grinder.

    I’m glad I picked this up though because I still enjoyed it before working out the structure/rhythm/loop of the game.

    (I’m off work this week–hence the comment!–so hoping to give Cultist Simulator a spin too.)

  2. No that’s totally fair, Gregg. I tried to not big up the sim aspect of it on the stream – it’s just a beautiful spectacle. I played through on easy and it was fun watching it all play out. Once I upgraded to the standard difficulty, it was tough going and the numbers bear down on you.

    I don’t enjoy it as a “game” with challenge, only as theatre.

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