The Ouroboros Sequence

A series of short essays on puzzle games.

  1. HEAD MEETS TAIL. It all starts with Snakebird. (17 Jan 2018)
  2. THE BOX IMPOSSIBLE. The Room ain’t no puzzle game. (24 Jan 2018)
  3. THE ZEN LIE. Where is Spelltower‘s zen mode? (02 Feb 2018)
  4. I HATE PLAYING WITH MYSELF. Yes, I hate those time travel puzzles too. (15 Feb 2018)
  5. CLAUSTROPHOBIA. Sokoboring, am I right? (15 Mar 2018)
  6. THE CITADEL REBORN. PuzzleScript turned out to be a lot more fun than expected. (26 Mar 2018)
  7. AGORAPHOBIA. The bigger the puzzle, the harder they quit. (08 Apr 2018)
  8. BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK. Should we consider block pushing past its sell-by date? (27 May 2018)
  9. REFLECTIONS ON A DESIGN. Where did the laser reflection puzzle come from? (03 Jun 2018)
  10. VIRGIN LANDS. Puzzles that feel less like iterations on other designs. (15 Jul 2018)
  11. REPETITIVE STRAIN. What does it mean for a puzzle to be laborious? (25 Jul 2018)
  12. THE ROGUE AND THE ARTISTE. Bonus episode for newsletter subscribers: why do I like roguelikes but not roguelike puzzles? (31 Jul 2018)
  13. THE LABORATORY OF LOGIC. The Witness taught me something. (08 Aug 2018)
  14. GRAVEYARD. Is your desktop smothered in abandoned puzzle games? (09 Sep 2018)
  15. THE MONTE CARLO PLAYER. How many puzzle players end up rolling dice instead of thinking? (13 Nov 2018)
  16. DEAD IN THE WATER. Contemporary puzzle design may be creating dropout players. (13 Dec 2018)
  17. WHY WE DO THIS. Great challenges make for a sublime experience. (16 Dec 2018)
  18. ANDROMEDA 14. Sometimes puzzles are more than just puzzles. (29 Jan 2019)
  19. ALL ROADS. A good level select is hard to build… and merely delays the inevitable. (30 Jan 2019)
  20. HOLE IN MY CHEST. What happens to a player when they use a walkthrough? (04 Feb 2019)
  21. TAIL MEETS HEAD. It all ends with Snakebird. (28 Feb 2019)