You always remember the day your idols crash to Earth, a celebrity meteorite punching out a crater of disappointment. This is one such moment. You may think my sentences are written with some genteel, refined British accent, the right word always on the tip of my cultured tongue, but this is not true. My tongue is uncultured and my brain works as fast as a Pentium chip that has long division problems. You are about to discover this truth.

Four of us have banded together to create… The Outrageous Sexists. No, hang on, it was The Panel of Perfection. No, wait, The Alliance of Awesome:

Matt “Steerpike” Sakey, Overlord of Tap-Repeatedly.
Gregg Burnell, Tap-Repeatedly staff writer.
Armand Kossayan, North American editor for Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming.
Joel “HM” Goodwin, Electron Dance.

We’re just like superheroes, without being heroes and minus the superpowers! Although there might be capes. And we made a podcast.

We touch on three main topics: open world gaming, The Aspiration and That Dead Island trailer. I stay pretty damn quiet at the start because I have never played Minecraft.

Big thanks to Steerpike for stapling the four of us together in the first place and also editing the podcast into coherence. So here it is, the first Alliance of Awesome podcast. Use the player below or download direct to your hard drive (right-click the link and Save As).

Awesome Linkage

All three of our sites have discussed the Dead Island trailer:

And Tap was kind enough to rave about The Aspiration some time ago.

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3 thoughts on “The Alliance of Awesome #1

  1. I have to say I was a little disappointed but will continue to listen. The reason I was disappointed was because the whole thing was way too short. Not sure how you make a Skype conversation work better but it just felt like no single piece was given time to breathe. You were all good, it just felt like I wanted here more on the topics, and also not to just hear what most of you have already written (The Eurogamer podcast used to suffer from the same problem of almost seeming like an advert for the site rather than new content).

    Also, you nicked a nugget of a soundbite from me I demand royalties, or a guest spot at some point when I have reliable internet.

    Otherwise, I will definitely give you guys another listen as the formula is never right the first time you broadcast and I do think that there is potential there.

  2. Fair. After we were done, I realised I hadn’t said anything about The Aspiration I hadn’t already covered on Electron Dance. Pretty much the same for the Dead Island trailer. While we wanted to make a point of mentioning stuff we wrote, the new signal-to-old signal ratio wasn’t as strong as it should have been. And Steerpike cut out my reference to sticking my hand down my trousers. I know. Cutting premium content. Inexplicable.

    In a previous dry run (well it wasn’t supposed to be a dry run, but that’s a long story, well it’s not a long story, but it’s not my story, it’s Steerpike’s story, I guess, and then again you could say it was our 2nd dry run when the 1st one wasn’t meant to be a dry run either, but that’s a long story too, actually no, it’s not my story, it’s Steerpike’s story again, actually no, it’s Steerpike’s neighbour’s story, god damn Steerpike has a lot of story), we talked for THREE HOURS AND I NEEDED TO GO TO BED. It covered an enormous range of topics from sexualization of gaming women to disappointment with No One Lives Forever 2 to Morrowind’s first hours. We probably scaled back too much but, as you say, learning curve, learning curve, learning curve.

    I’m just saddened that I have contributed to your overwhelming sense of your world going to dull shit that you talked about on Arcadian Rhythms. Come back… don’t go into the light…

    Oh and what sound bite are your referring to? Sounds like my subconscious plucked it out.

  3. Awh, I wouldn’t take it so harshly. I did like the podcast, and I reckon there is space to grow.

    As for gaming, I just spent a weekend playign Mass Effect 2 (in Quebec French), X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Blades, and Mindjack.

    Mindjack was so brain warpingly stupid that it made up for the rest of the games.

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