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  • The Moscow Symphony Orchestra “Outcast Main Theme”
  • Kraked Unit “L’air des cendres” (Paris Film OST)

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9 thoughts on “Status Report: Oct 2019

  1. Joel will release the first Alternate Reality Roguelike and Matt W will collapse into a singularity

    Years later Jonathan Blow will make a video about it

  2. I think my ARG days are behind me. But foreshadowing… I can do foreshadowing. There is no ARG hole to fall into, nothing to find except for other echoes of the same warning. This is the fifth warning. I’m sure there will be more.

    I guess I can dream of having a video made about it by Blow.

  3. ARG Roguelike = largely offline experience, procgen content, unexpected interactions, permadeath = life. Reviews on Steam: mixed.

  4. See, the problem is, roguelikes don’t generally offer respecs. There’s a few things about my build I’d like to change. Fingers crossed for a good meta-unlock for the next go ’round.

  5. Mr. Behemo,
    Joel denying the ARG is definitely confirmation that the ARG is real.

    On the link you posted, someone wrote “Now the reader is aware that there is a deeper connection between Lorcan, Grace and Connor.”

    I searched for LGC and came up with this “local government commission” (LGC! It must mean something!) at This is only about 3.5 hours from my house, so I’m gonna go check it out this weekend and see if I can find any geo caches using permutations from the numbers on the Vampirates data:

    Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2008
    ISBN 0316039977, 9780316039970
    Length 576 pages

    Even more importantly, the comment on the Vampirates book was left by “Rosa.Mill”, which decrypts to “electron” with the key ndoytrxy. Search for that on google and the only result is, which is just chock full of codes. Joel, you’ve really outdone yourself.

  6. Astonishing, Dan. You’re not supposed to get that far until the read backwards the seventeenth comment on the third post I’m planning next week

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