Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the second series, episode 8 of 10.

Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly walk sideways and vomit on each other in the ohmygodmyeyes crab vs crab contest, Vomit Crabs!

  • This isn’t suitable for children as the madlibs at the bottom of the screen sometimes contain swear words
  • Deliberately awkward controls
  • The game is as mad as you can want it to be
  • We suspect it’s better with three or four players

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4 thoughts on “Side by Side: Vomit Crabs

  1. Ahh, the air drums at the end were the perfect cherry on top of this video.

    It’s too bad Vomit Crabs didn’t turn out to have that sort of hectic madness that you’d expect from such a game. Whether two players or four, this is really the type of experience that’s best had while mildly intoxicated, at a party, with personal honor on the line. The bile flies (literally and figuratively), crab shields flicker and fail (don’t crabs have shells, and wouldn’t these — being washable — accomplish the same thing as a shield? Maybe they don’t want vomit in their eyestalks), and heroes are made… or destroyed.

    Another great episode!

  2. Thanks Steerpike. We’ll look into alcohol enhancement for future episodes, definitely a sound suggestion. Meanwhile: episode 9 for definite next week.

  3. I’m not sure how this would go down with my local multiplayer buddies. I think the presentation then the controls would just kill it for them. You and I take interest/revel in these quirks but I’ve found the more difficult it is for my friends to grab on to something they understand the more difficult it is for them to be sold on an experience, and Vomit Crabs goes out of its way to confuse and unsettle!

    Also, my anti-virus software kept trying to put Vomit Crabs in quarantine, which made me laugh.

    Steerpike, when I host multiplayer nights with the aforementioned buddies, I drink beer and they all drink Diet Coke. It’s a different type–arguably the wrong type–of intoxicant for them!

  4. That’s one reason, Gregg, I wanted to do this series in the first place. There are a lot of different local multiplayer games and it’s nice to give them all a moment in the sun (well it’s a small sun but a small sun is better than no sun). Not everyone is going to get Vomit Crabs but maybe that’s because ideas of what multiplayer is supposed to be (precise and clear) are ingrained.

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