Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the third series, episode 3 of 5.

We’ve taken a different tack for the new series, deciding to spend a lot more time on each game. This means we have fewer episodes but each one is a lot longer than before. A new episode will be released every two weeks.

In this episode, Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly look at something quite fresh and exciting: a digital boardgame that inherits from the great M.U.L.E., the early access title Sumer from Studio Wumpus.

Sumer tackles some of M.U.L.E.‘s weaknesses head-on as well as offering an experience which is distinctly not M.U.L.E.. Does it work? It would be unfair to judge this game which is not yet at final release. We both had a great time yet had some reservations. Sumer is harder to grasp than M.U.L.E. and puts players under much more stress. Your biggest challenge, however, may be finding players to join you in the ziggurat.

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