Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the second series, episode 7 of 10.

Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly are the real monsters in the unique multiplayer dungeon crawl, Crawl!

  • We recorded this two years ago when it was topical and on early access, so well done Joel for the fast turnaround
  • Crawl is fun, albeit a little complicated – party game for the right crowd
  • Although can be played with 2 human players, we suspect it is better with at least 3

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10 thoughts on “Side by Side: Crawl

  1. Outstanding! I get a kick out of these every time a new one comes up.

    And HM, don’t be too hard on yourself for the “fast turnaround…” I am STILL writing my Games of 2016 article. At this point you might expect it to be an epic tour de force, a veritable word-waterfall, but it’s really not. So two years isn’t bad! Especially for video. You have to factor in render times, after all. That ain’t your fault.

  2. Two years! Damn, Joel. 😉

    Glad to get your thoughts on this one, guys. I’ve been loosely following it for a few years and even picked it up a little while back, but haven’t played it yet as I wanted >2 people to play it with!

  3. Hey, if it’s still in Early Access that means this video is still topical! 🙂

    Honestly, I had a dream last night that you posted up your Games of 2016 list Steerpike. It was that vivid I just checked Tap to be sure.

    Shaun, it’s not too bad with bots but, yeah, three or more players is definitely where it’s at.

  4. Yeah I wish I could hide behind the rendering times, Steerpike 🙂 Although I left in one mistake so obviously re-rendering was enough of a big deal to put me off fixing it!

    Shaun, I wonder if I could play with the children – as it’s only as hard as your opponents – but it’s just a little complicated compared to say At Sundown which they enjoy.

    Gregg, sorry it was released for real in April!

  5. It’s not Sundown any more Gregg, it’s At Sundown. Come on, now. Really. Get a grip.

    Thanks for the heads-up on Invisigun Heroes. Hmm, the thing I notice is that, compared to At Sundown, it appears more complicated.

  6. It’s definitely a lot ‘busier’ but the controls are simply the thumbstick/d-pad and A and B. I recall At Sundown being a bit more involved than that?

    Invisigun Heroes takes some getting used to no doubt, and nearly everyone I know who’s tried it has been overwhelmed at first, but once they got their heads around moving invisibly and reading the tells (startled birds, footprints, water splashes, wall impacts, grass rustling) the whole thing starts to really pop.

  7. Kai and Leah don’t have master the controls in At Sundown and still get something out of it. Invisigun Heroes looks to me like it imposes structure they *have* to adopt, if that makes sense?

  8. The grid definitely imposes a structure on movement and that bleeds into how you shoot, dodge, bait, use your abilities and get around. Obviously the different game modes impose objectives on you too so… your statement does make sense 🙂

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