Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the fourteenth episode of the fifth series.

Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly go back to a game they encountered three years ago at EGX Rezzed – Mild Beast Games’ At Sundown: Shots in the Dark.

Labelled a “hide-and-seek” shooter, players are invisible while lurking in the dark in this top-down multiplayer deathmatch. They can give away their location if they fire their weapon – provided a flash of lightning doesn’t do it first. This makes At Sundown tense but when the tension pops, you often find players run around like headless chickens firing in random directions, desperate to fend off an invisible pursuer.

While At Sundown and concept-a-like Invisigun Heroes both entered the public consciousness in 2016, Kickstartered Invisigun Heroes beat At Sundown to release: Invisigun Heroes was done and dusted the following year while At Sundown just made it into digital stores this January. The two games are by no means identical but Gregg, having played both, admits he prefers At Sundown.

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