Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the second series, episode 1 of 10.

Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly develop Cactus thumb in a bullet hell shooter for “beginners” called Assault Android Cactus. The game is out today!

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9 thoughts on “Side by Side: Assault Android Cactus

  1. I’m so glad the series is back!

    It’s funny Gregg brought up the “I thought I was you” confusion that seems to happen in these chaotic games — that’s one of my bigger weaknesses, as those who played FORCED with me will attest.

    Having heard the title and mentally declared it One Of The Best Titles Ever (“Android Assault Cactus?” Come on, that’s gold people), I’m glad to have seen it in action now. This seems like it’d be a dangerously fun party game, or drinking game, or drinking/party game, or game with obscene sexual penalties for losing.

    Also: great color choice for the wall behind your sofa!

  2. Awesome to see the series return! Congratulations on your increased wardrobe budget, Joel.

    Am also liking the multiple pane view so we can see the game in action alongside reactions. It would also be neat to see the game in action exhibiting the particular points as you’re discussing them, but that would of course up the editing requirements. 🙂

  3. Steerpike. Hi there! Yeah, sometimes playing Cactus I find my eyes leave my location, constantly scouting ahead for safe areas and when it gets pretty crazy I can’t seem to find where I left my body. I’m sure Gregg is chuffed that you like his interior decor.

    Shaun! I was determined not to be black after Tom Chick commented that it was great with us wearing the same T-shirts like a gang. WHAT. WE ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT. So, with the new logo, I thought I’d go for a different colour. And a much, much bigger logo. And hey, did you like the chalk mark on my side that I only spotted when I sat down to edit!?!?

    As for showing relevant action… First, we’re sometimes talking about moments that we didn’t film. Second, the “relevant footage” just doesn’t grab sometimes (I’ve thrown out clips in previous episodes which show The Thing but don’t work). Third, sometimes I want to keep Gregg and I talking – the bit about having to slow down for the battery is something we don’t mention in the proper discussion. Also, me screaming like a little girl is always good for business.

    (There are also some other issues with the footage which I may discuss at a much later date…)

  4. I was using a toy clapperboard to sync audio and video which had to be written on with chalk – look at me the burgeoning professional – and I got chalk on me at some point. I do not yet know if it had affected other videos – hopefully not all of them!

  5. Thanks Steerpike! We love that red! It’s dead flat matt paint so marks super easy, hence why there’s a sofa in front it to keep the peasants away.

    The logo worked very nicely on the yellow t-shirt. Didn’t see that one coming!

    Thanks for the feedback Shaun. We’ve not had a great deal of constructive feedback on the series so it’s always welcome. I pushed for clips of the things we were talking about being edited in over our chatter as well, and Joel’s been doing it a lot more since the last series started. From memory, I think Nidhogg is a good example of this.

  6. See Gregg should be in charge of our PR. Shaun makes a suggestion and I whinge a little. Gregg, on the other hand, says, “thanks for the feedback”.

    God I’m an amateur.

  7. Aw hey, we’re all friends here!

    I neglected to mention that this game looks like a prime candidate for C and myself to try out. Actually, there’s a question – did either of you play more of this after recording?

  8. I’ve played a lot in the past – I got to the final boss but failed to defeat it. I have also dabbled a bit in the last few weeks, especially after the release last week.

    I’ve not played coop of course: I currently have no one up to the / up for the challenge at home.

    It’s fun! But you know I also have a penchant for shooters I am no good at 🙂

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