Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games.

Nothing has been heard from the Side by Side duo since the pandemic descended in 2020. Today, an announcement. Watch here or direct on YouTube.

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8 thoughts on “Side by Side Announcement

  1. I was surprised by how excited I was when I saw you post this on Twitter.

    My brothers were in town for thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago and after some obligatory rocket league we had a chance to play something, but I couldn’t think of anything local that I was excited about. This was atypical for me and I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have a half dozen games in mind to try. But now i see what’s been missing from my life. What a relief!

  2. Oh, Dan, that makes me happy. We’re several years on from the Side by Side nadir where I felt like it was time to quit the series (post Series 3).

    The original concept was a YouTube channel that no one else was doing – local multiplayer games! Of course, YT and streaming evolved in the subsequent years and there are loads of people that produce far more regular couch gaming videos. We just make it now because we want to rather than trying to be ONE OF THE POPULAR GIRLS.

    Having said that, there was a serious crisis of confidence on the first night of S6 when we were getting the shooting ready – everything from confusion over why the lighting looked off to games that were a bad fit. But we got back into the swing of things and we don’t plan to leave it three years until Season 7.

  3. Much better to do it for fun. Trying to be one of the popular girls gets exhausting and the entire process becomes a slog. Besides, it often seems like the most popular girls are the ones who found their popularity by accident rather than engineering. The Joel & Gregg show is always entertaining and a source of ongoing delight. Plus, your commitment to finishing a video come hell or high water is admirable! Gregg will eventually forgive you for subbing your daughter in — what other choice did you have? A Gregg puppet? A CGI Gregg?

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