Rezzed 2019: Index

Here is everything I wrote about at EGX Rezzed 2019.

  • Omno chillout exploration/adventure
  • Doggerland Radio fragmented broadcasts in the static, eerie and fascinating
  • Becalm take it easy in this relaxing boat ride

  • Garden plant alien seeds, make human music
  • Balloonbound local multiplayer, balloons, paper aeroplanes, maybe a flamethrower
  • The Twisted Tower casual arcade action, good for just one more go

  • Recompile third-person platformer which has punchy execution
  • Cyberpet Graveyard explore files and folders to unearth cyberpets that were meant to die
  • Exhaustlands a lonely drive through a remorseless, unrelenting darkness

And there’s always the Rezzed 2018 index to peruse…