Billions of bloggers scrutinise, dissect and reproduce links that will massage your heart, shine knowledge into your brain and touch you where you wanted to be touched but wouldn’t dare ask. Rock Paper Shotgun is the worst, serving up the innocuous Sunday Papers, delivering a sawn-off shotgun blast of hyper-important hyper-links to your temples.

On Tuesday I discovered Gregg B of Tap Repeatedly has the same problem as me, a parade of open, unread browser tabs, enthusiastic yet patient. I haven’t got time to read every page here. I need some sort of link apocalypse, a browser crash that wipes tab memory. God, something.

So here’s the anti Sunday Papers, if you like. Everything here is certified to be 100% unread, personally unverified as classy top-notch content. These are the links snagged in the teeth of my browser right now, this very instant.

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6 thoughts on “Link Drag

  1. I make it a point to always finish all the articles I open, unless I find them to be less interesting than I thought (a rarity coming from RPS). The thing is, once I make my rounds about the internet I’m inundated in links once more.

    At least I can feasibly catch up with a modicum of free time, unlike my music collection that I listen to alongside reading all these links.

  2. You know I still haven’t read any of these pages yet. And now I’ve opened MORE.

    One day left to the Sunday Papers. I am so screwed.

  3. @Kent, that’s precisely the job of those OTHER sites. You won’t get a heart massage from me. Although I do have a spare defibrillator around here somewhere.

    Hmm, a bit late for my next post, things a bit crazy on the children-front.

  4. I just got back from a week holiday and my Google Reader is now telling me I have 330 unread items.

    “Everything here is certified to be 100% unread”

    That made my day, cheers HM.

  5. Hi Gregg, hope the holiday in… uh Sunny Place was nice. I have to admit I’m getting pretty brutal with my reading.

    Prior to Electron Dance, I stuck to RPS for news and reviews and played only games I thought were worth my time. But since starting this site, I’ve realised I need to keep an open channel of news and opinion running into my brain so I can write with a bit more authority and to generate ideas.

    So I’ve turned into this gluttonous wordmonster. I’m on Twitter. I have 50 zillion RSS feeds, 95% of the posts are dismissed out of hand (like Spinksville as most of the time its MMO-related which I have no interest in). And I try to play games beyond the point they would normally turn me off otherwise I can’t really write anything meaningful about them.

    The sad truth: writing about gaming has been detrimental to my gaming. (oh and the rest of my life)

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