I talk about Boson X (Mu & Heyo, 2013) for eleven minutes.

I did this as a little experiment, to see how quickly I could make an unscripted analysis video. I had to do several takes for some sections but was surprised how watchable the final result was… especially as I didn’t kill myself making it. (Not like the Adam Curtis-esque video I’ve been working on for nearly two months now.)

On Thursday, I will post an essay on Boson X.

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7 thoughts on “Left and Right and Forward

  1. I have a feeling just from your video that my motion-sickness will not allow me to play this game, so I’ll have to stick with your analysis.

  2. I figure you might not do this so often, but I really liked it. The quick overview of each gimmick and the notes on your though processes developed by repeat play are kinds of analysis that I don’t see very often. I’m glad you didn’t have to overexert yourself with this one- they all don’t have to be masterpieces!

    Though more Waldo mask wouldn’t be a BAD thing, per se.

  3. @Amanda: I suffer from motion sickness occasionally, but this game doesn’t get to me at all. Maybe if it was played in the Oculus Rift…? Although the adrenaline, sometimes, JESUS. Intense state of flow. Probably like that of a Super Hexagon player in zone.

    @BeamSplashX: I made a point of being unscripted so I didn’t over-examine every word and keep checking my enunciation. Just talking makes it sound more natural. I have certain games I want to do in a video format so this has been positive in the sense it wasn’t too hard (aside from ridiculous rendering problems). I’ll also give videos separate posts – sometimes I’ve just bundled them in with the words, which makes them seem superfluous. However, in 24 hours, this video has only been watched about 20 times, so I’m not rushing for the champagne just yet…


  4. It’s possible that I wouldn’t get sick playing the game, but I do get sick watching the video because I’m not in control. Sometimes that makes a difference and sometimes it doesn’t.

    I want to do research on motion sickness in first person games some day.

  5. I think my ineptitude at Super Hexagon is sufficient that I don’t need to play BosonX. I did enjoy this video though, and it does look like a rather neat game.

  6. Yeah Shaun I have no intention of going near Super Hexagon. I think I would just end up frustrated and feeling like I wasted a lot of time. Particularly as I don’t think I’d have anything to write about =)

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