But collaborations like Sportsfriends are rare. What became the norm was the industrialised bundle, which allows customers to pay for several games at a price of their choosing. This became so successful that AAA publishers began to get involved; the Humble Bundle which championed the concept for indie games in 2010 began to take on AAA bundles in 2012. The bundle became a permanent feature of the market, like the discount. The blunt truth is that the bundle was just another vector for game prices to slip to zero. Their innovation for consolidating customer attention became an innovation for reducing the effective price to sub-dollar levels.

RPS has published an excerpt from The Death of Ideas, the second chapter of the book. More precisely, the section titled Is Resistance Futile was converted into a standalone piece. I imagine if you’ve visited these parts recently, you’ve probably already read this. Don’t worry, nothing extra has been added. The article is called The Fallen Price of Indie Games.

The first couple of chapters have also been updated. No major changes, but I’d dare say if you took another run at the chapter you would notice a difference.

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