Running Duel


How to Play

  1. Download the Duel disk image.
  2. Download the Altirra emulator.
  3. You will need an Atari XL/XE OS ROM which can be found inside a ZIP package on Sourceforge.
  4. Open Altirra. You should see something like this.altirra blank
  5. System->Firmware->Firmware Images. Choose Scan… and select where the ROM images are stored. OK.
  6. System->Firmware->Operating System->Atari XL/XE OS ver.2
  7. System->Firmware->BASIC->Atari BASIC rev. C
  8. System->Video->PAL
  9. System->Firmware->BASIC (Boot Without Option Key)
  10. Set up joystick inputs using Input->Port 1 and Port 2. Decide what will be used for each input (keyboard or gamepad as appropriate).
  11. File->Open Image. Choose the duel-disk-image.atr file.
  12. Press SHIFT+F5 to cold boot emulator system and the disk will now load. (You can use System->Warp Speed to accelerate through loading/setup to the menu screen. Remember to switch it back off!)
  13. You’re good to go. The START, SELECT and OPTION keys are emulated through F2, F3 and F4.


  • Each round, survivor is awarded one point. If both players die simultaneously, no points are awarded.
  • Shield switches between players at regular intervals. Shielded player is coloured white.
  • When players collide, the shielded player survives.
  • Players will be destroyed if they make contact with red kill material, regardless of shield.
  • Player must reach goal score to win match. If both players are one point short of the goal, a player must win two consecutive points to win. Advantage scoring system will replace points.

Game Modes

The default mode is good to start with; when you are ready, experiment! All options described below.

Arena. Fog and Fog+ obscures arena. Kill and Kill+ means kill material is present. Mixed features fog and kill material. The Plus modes are more extreme.

Boundary. Choose None for wrap around, Solid for standard boundary, Rubber for bouncing and Killer for boundary that destroy players.

Speed. Player speed. Slow, Medium or Fast.

Switches. How frequently the shield switches between players. Slow, Medium or Fast.

Goal. Points required for total victory. 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50.