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6 thoughts on “Discussion: The Annual Harvest

  1. Relevant to “implied games”: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=15859.0 there was a TIGSource game jam back in 2010 (!) where people would be blogging the progress of their games but some people were only pretending to make something.

    I was one of the people not actually making a game, but I definitely put a bunch of work into designing a plausible game and then mocking up screenshots. Actually starting to make the thing would have been only slightly more effort…

  2. Ho ho, I can imagine that being a lot of fun for the participants and bystanders trying to work out who was creating a real game and who wasn’t. The whole point is to really look like you’re actually developing something and not just making up a crazy idea which looks like it won’t obviously fly.

    Was this ever run again?

  3. On that subject, there was recently an imaginary games jam with participation from yours truly and friend-of-blog Laura Michet among others, where people reviewed imaginary games, and then other people made things inspired by some of the reviews (and then there were reaction pieces to those games but those have been kind of shelved). The sequel to Se Busca is in there!

    As far as the actual games that got made go, Mayfly was made from one of my reviews and is everything I could have imagined. Some, like mine, I wouldn’t even call games but ghsjkhjggghhhhh

  4. I don’t dip into indie games as much as I used to. I try and strike a balance but there’s just so much interesting stuff out there now and getting through what I own is time consuming enough.

    That said, despite not paying any attention to the IGF for years, I’m pleased to already know about Kingdoms, Ultimate Chicken Horse and Antihero (which has perhaps been my greatest and longest love affair this year so far and it’s not even technically out yet).

    Also, I’d never heard of FOMO. I was obviously too busy doing other stuff and missed it 😉

  5. Ah Matt, yes, I vaguely remember the imaginary games jam. I have a big old blind spot for jams these days, trying my best to keep control on the number of games I could be looking at! It’s good to see a proper followup to Se Busca, one of the most exciting titles for years.

    Gregg, gah I have so many good games to play. Even “not great” games really pass the time. I’m completely embedded in Cosmic Express at the moment, just after Tolva and Ellipsis (unexpectedly addictive). I’m probably going to do Mass Effect next, as always. (Or maybe I should descend into Blighttown.)

    I thought a bit about whether to write FOMO or something more explicit. I then thought, screw it, I haven’t used to term much, it feels fresh to me. You can all Google it to shit. 🙂

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