Tug of War

In this episode of Dialogue Tree, Eric Brasure interviews Kris Ligman, lead curator of Critical Distance’s This Week in Videogame Blogging. In this interview, Kris discusses ascension to the curatorial throne, the process of curation, issues of transparency and whether Critical Distance needs to change its focus.


02:25 “I always felt as though Critical Distance had the potential… of serving a real, like, moral purpose.”

04:50 “2,000 or more articles per week.”

05:50 “I am pretty picky, I will admit.”

07:00 “It’s always great to find that buried treasure while you’re going through these blogs.”

11:20 “Without a certain level of transparency, it’s not always apparent to others…”

13:00 “…something that reveals, I think, something more essential about humanity.”

15:30 “I don’t even like to feature the same authors too frequently in a given month.”

21:45 “Even something like Penny Arcade has launched its own curatorial effort.”

22:00 “…and dedicating ourselves more so to… this is the counter-canon.”

23:40 “…I’m a bit of a radical when it comes to these matters.”

28:15 “They were called out on the fact that they didn’t have a single female staffer…”

30:15 “Well, you get into things like the assumed male reader…”

31:00 “We won’t have as much opportunity to do that if we’re more interested in what is ‘normative’…”

32:00 “I’m generally not concerned with what impact any of this will have on development.”

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