In this episode of Dialogue Tree, Eric Brasure interviews the actor Logan Cunningham and musician Darren Korb, who both worked on the title Bastion. In this interview, Cunningham and Korb discuss the recording process, coming to terms with the success of Bastion and thoughts on the future.

(Originally broadcast May 21, 2012 through Second Quest.)


01:20 “It’s very lonely. It’s very isolating.”

04:00 “The initial direction that I was given was only, like, tone and feeling or… mood and tone. They wanted something gruff.”

06:10 “I grew up loving those characters and emulating them.”

09:30 “Whenever I felt that I got it right, it was unlike anything I’d felt before.”

11:30 “I just did a friend a favour.”

13:50 “We just do it and do it and do it and do it and do it until it’s right.”

19:20 “There’s some amazing, amazing writers out there.”

21:10 “It’s kind of amazing that it’s as good as it is, because of how quickly they work.”

21:40 “A voice room session rarely goes longer than four hours.”

25:50 “But at the same time, I also love the British classical actors and the English way of doing things.”

27:30 “I guess I’m not worried about being typecast because I will have time to make up for it later.”

33:40 “I wanted to make it feel exotic.”

34:40 “This is really the only project I’ve worked on as a composer for a game.”

38:50 “And I was just honestly, like, super-shocked when we sold out of our first run of CDs.”

41:10 “I always knew that I had talented friends who were gonna do good things.”

42:50 “We lived in a kind of a rat hole apartment.”

44:00 “We set Logan up in the closet.”

47:10 “If I can’t find a sound right away that I like, I’m just going to try and make one.”

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