In this episode of Dialogue Tree, Eric Brasure interviews Casey Muratori who wrote the essay “The Next Twenty Years”, a warning to developers about the implications of Windows 8. Muratori discusses what led him to write the article, why the warning should be taken seriously and also touches on whether Microsoft actively supports PC gaming.


01:20 “I thought that Windows 8 was sort of a chance for the tablet space and the phone space to kind of open up like Windows had been open.”

03:40 “It’s exactly the same as iOS. And so for me this actually came as quite a shock.”

12:40 “The important thing to remember is things are bad day one.”

13:40 “But it’s not a new Start menu. It’s a whole new architecture for deploying applications.”

21:00 “At the end of the day what I want… is not to kill off Windows and go to another operating system.”

22:20 “Those policy decisions just shouldn’t be there.”

22:35 “We don’t need someone telling us what we can and can’t play.”

27:30 “I know that they can’t operate as a single perfect hivemind.”

30:10 “The small game developer enthusiasm about Windows 8, I think, is a misplaced enthusiasm.”

32:00 “The iOS – for all of its supposed success – is really tiny, actually.”

50:00 “So, immediate future, I don’t know that all that much necessarily happens.”

56:40 “Ironically, now, Microsoft is more closed than Apple.”

61:40 “Why don’t they see this for what it is?”

66:30 “I don’t understand why they’re not terrified of that.”

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