The first episode of a short series on games I discovered at EGX Rezzed 2018.

Before I Forget is an in-development narrative game from 3-Fold Games. I guess if you’re looking for a hook, some sort of description, we’re hanging out in Gone Home territory, but that undersells it.

Before I Forget is a game presenting the viewpoint of a woman suffering from dementia. I wasn’t expecting much from it – low expectations are safer, especially with ambitious work – and early on it looked like the game was going to descend into “grab collectibles to reinforce memory”. But this was a big surprise. There were two beautiful moments that stay with me, although I will not spoil the details of them apart from to say: the bit with the piano was moving (I could’ve stayed there for ages) and the challenge of trying to move to the next room was really clever.

The demo was pretty short and, as always with games that are creatively expensive, I can’t be sure if Before I Forget will continue to show so much ingenuity. But this was extremely promising.

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2 thoughts on “Dabbling with… Before I Forget

  1. Thanks Shaun. I had a funny old time at this year’s Rezzed, where I’m not exactly sure I had a great time. I came away from many games seeing overfamiliar patterns playing out again and again. Still, there’s defo interesting stuff again. Also I had a pasty that was mouldy outside the venue and that is not an experience I wish to repeat. Oh my god no.

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