The sixth episode of a short series on games I discovered at EGX Rezzed 2018.

Mighty Moth is a small Danish studio working on their first title Above: a flying game that has been in development for several years, mainly during the team’s spare time.

It’s a flying adventure with a focus on fun rather than simulation, sporting a vibrant colour palette that reminded me of the 16-bit era. Lest it sounds too “fun”, the plane’s handling was more about elegance than a 90s action piece and it was lovely to lazily weave around and loop-the-loop across the sea.

The world map in the Rezzed build was on the slim side: it only included your home island and one other place, marked dangerous. There are creatures out there in the sea. I buzzed around one, trying to gain its attention until it evenually saw fit to snap at my plane. I went down.

It was difficult to see how the full game might play out but there was enough here to feel the heft of it. We should be able to reclaim salvage from the sea using a hook and also build and upgrade our plane.

No definite release date as yet. Visit the Above website for more details.

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